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"Working with Jonathon Moyle in Rugby in Japan was an absolute professional pleasure. Both of us having worked in Super Rugby with different teams, I felt Jono’s integration from a medical perspective into an athlete performance model was 1st class. The ability and knowledge of Jonathon to quickly diagnose, treat and provide functional strength & running programs to return to play is what separates clinical physiotherapists from performance physiotherapists like Jonathon. His knowledge of athlete preparation from his own athletic achievements means that as a strength & conditioning coach, I was not having to focus too much energy in the performance areas of injured players once they returned to training with the team. Combined with his passion for high performance and dedication to his athletes, I would hire Jono to work for any athlete or team I was involved with in the future."
- Haydn Masters, Athlete Performance Manager, NSW Waratahs

"I have had jono moyle as my physiopherapist for over 11 months, and has helped me get through a lot of my knee and neck problems over that period of time. i had issues on my left knee with a p.c.l. deficiency. which improved alot over time due to the treatment and rehab he put me through. also with my fractured C1. (cervical 1) i never had rehab or any sort of special treatment at my previous club. the strength around my neck now has improved and i dont have any problems post match'
- Fotu Auelua, No 8 Brumbies super 15,

"I worked with Jono at NTT Communications - Shining Arcs during my first season playing in Japan. He was one of the main reasons i chose to come to the club, because i heard of his extremely good reputation from fellow rugby players in NZ. Having a foreign physio in Japan is great for a foreign player. But to have a physio of Jono's calibre was priceless . His knowledge of injuries and methods of treatment, are well thought out up to date theories and have real meaning behind them. I've worked with many physiotherapists during my time as a professional rugby player and Jono rates up there with one of, if not thee, best i've had."
- Isaac Ross - Rugby Player: All Black, NZ Maori, Crusaders, Canterbury

"Jono was our team Physio at NTT Shining Arcs Rugby Club (Japan) for 2 years and during those two years was instrumental in keeping our team healthy and on the field. I found him to be an expert at diagnosing, treating and preventing all kinds of musculoskeletal injuries and in my case specifically, Chronic Achilles Tendonitis which may have ended my career prematurely without Jono’s expertise. I can not recommend his skill as a Physiotherapist highly enough"
- Darren Murphy, No 8 NTT Communications japan

"I worked with jono for 2 years in japan and in that time he treated a number of injuries that could have stopped my career. But with his advice and programming I managed to stay on the field and keep playing the game I love. Thanks for your dedication to the team and its players."
- JP Nel Center Bulls

"Saviour, right hand man, personal physio certainly one man I will miss."
- Craig Wing, Australia and Roosters League, NTT Rugby

To speak to a physiotherapist or to arrange an appointment, please call us on 09 5200925 or email: info@1rmphysio.co.nz

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