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How to manage your injuries

ĎIf you have just injured yourself the things you do in the next few days will have a huge effect on how long you take to recover and how good that recovery will be. Professionals get back from injuries quicker because they do the right things in those first 3 days. Follow these simple steps and you to can get back quicker and betterí.

Immediately after injury

Stop what you are doing. Many injuries are made worse by trying to push through a painful injury. As on field physios our major role in a game is to assess what is potentially a bad injury and get the player to stop or be replaced.

Check for things that arenít normally there. If you have extra bumps over the injury or your joint is on a different angle than before its probably not a good thing so this is the time to seek medical help straight away. A lot of swelling straight after an injury will normally mean there is a lot of damage. Get it looked at.

The next 48 hours

Yes its still true ice does help. It will slow down the swelling and can reduce the pain of a fresh injury. Ice for 15-20minutes then take it off. Repeat every hour for the next 48hours.

This is where the professionals make gains in the recovery. If you follow this simple step you can take weeks of your recovery time.

Compression and elevation
Wrapping the injury in a compression bandage and elevating the injury straight away will also reduce the amount of swelling you get.

Donít wrap the bandage too tight. It needs to be firm but its not a tourniquet so just go easy and make sure you check it every time you ice for any obvious changes to the area. There are some good products around that offer ice and compression together. If you have this then yes use it.

Professional teams are now using products such as GAME READY to help with this process.

Donít be tempted to try it out too soon even if it feels good. Resting in this first 48hours is key to a good recovery.

Day 3

If you havenít already seen a medical professional now is the time to get it checked.

See your Doctor or come and see someone at 1RM and we can lead you through the recovery process to get you back to your sport.

To speak to a physiotherapist or to arrange an appointment, please call us on 09 5200925 or email: info@1rmphysio.co.nz

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